I'm Marcelle. I like Jeff, Weeds, Doctor Who, Star Trek, old things, painting, Shane Botwin, Social Distortion, sarcasm, and other things.
great memories.

we’re laying there cuddling, and he leans down to kiss my forehead. i grin before going in for a longer kiss. i can feel his tongue ring against my lips, and then on my jaw, and on my neck as he slowly begins to bite me. i raise my body and press myself into him, and he responds by running a hand down my side and across my stomach. i kiss him roughly, pulling at his hair and biting his lip, before he smoothly helps me get my pants off. all the while, we are making out, and the best part is that no one at all can hear us. once my pants are off, he starts to tease me, kissing my inner thighs, and sliding a hand up inside of my bra. finally, he gets to where he’s going, and i can feel his tongue ring against my clit, and i entwine my fingers into his hair. he gently pushes a finger inside of me, and i gasp. i can’t keep the noises in, and i start to moan. he responds by speeding up, and i writhe underneath him. it feels so perfect, and i can feel myself about to come. when i orgasm, i let out a shiver and i clutch at his shoulder, at which point he surfaces, and gives me a kiss. still breathing heavily, i ask him to go inside of me. i beg him, and he denies, teasing me. but then he pulls his shorts off and says, c’mere. i lightly kiss his lips before climbing onto his lap. he then slides his cock into me, and i groan, enjoying every second of it. he grabs my hips and i rock back and forth. he scrapes his fingernails down my back, knowing exactly what turns me on. 

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